Parent and Advocate

“As a parent of a participant who has been there since 1999, I can’t say enough about how much these programs have enriched his life. He has made lifelong friendships, done many interesting and fun activities.

The L.I.F.E program he participates in daily has him out to many different daily events, community happenings, parks, lunch spots, of his choice.

The Respite program takes him out on evening trips, movies, sports events, fitness activities. He looks forward to all the adventure that Oswego Industries has to offer.”

Kathy H

“Alex has been attending OI since July 2005, when he aged out of high school. I asked him today what he likes best about OI, and he said “bus” which means the ride to OI with his friends, outings which he especially likes if lunch is involved, and music which includes music group. What I love is that the staff is warm and friendly, will take my suggestions and help Alex reach his goals.”

Dale & Richard R - Parent
Community Habilitation

“I like all the different places that I get to go, I like my community hab workers, and I enjoy learning new things in the classrooms too.” –

John B.
Day Habilitation Community Habilitation

“I love OI. We get to go to a lot of different places. I really like being with my friends. My staff is really nice, and I love them .”

Kevin B.

“Our son has been going to Oswego Industries for 12 years. He participates in their Day Habilitation, Community Habilitation, and Respite programs. The programs provide a safe environment that promotes experiences with peers and the community in a supportive manner. Our son’s needs are more than met by kind, respectful, and fun staff. They were supportive and creative during the Pandemic years. My son has blossomed at Oswego Industries, and we are very grateful. Oswego Industries has been a blessing.”

Sue B.

Community Habilitation L.I.F.E Day Habilitation

“Oswego Industries is like my second family. I would like to see more staff hired. The staff are always so supportive, and there for me when I need them. They make me happy, and I would like to do the same for them. I just want to say, ‘thank you’ to all the staff, you guys inspire me!”

Sarah P.
Career Employment Service

“Career Employment Services (CES) has been helping in supporting want I wanted to do for employment. Always there when I have a question or concern. Staff has been wonderful to personal and employment needs.”

Angela D.

“I love the staff, playing BINGO, and working on my academics to stay sharp. I love going to program because it gets me out of the house.”

Angela D.