At Oswego Industries, our Day Habilitation programs are designed to enrich the lives of individuals by fostering meaningful connections and active participation within their communities. By supporting the development of essential skills and enabling the pursuit of personal interests, we promote a sense of independence and community involvement. Our programs are tailored to offer the necessary support seamlessly, enhancing daily living without imposing on personal lifestyles.

Comprehensive Services Tailored to Individual Needs

Our Day Habilitation services are centered around the following key areas, aimed at promoting holistic development:

  • Socialization Skills: Enhancing interpersonal interactions and building strong community ties.
  • Life Skills: Including general household chores, personal hygiene, and healthcare management.
  • Safety and Independence: Teaching life safety skills, transportation navigation, and financial management.
  • Community Inclusion and Personal Interests: Encouraging hobbies and fostering a sense of belonging within the community.

Our Program Offerings

Oswego Industries provides two distinct Day Habilitation programs to meet diverse needs:

  • LIFE Day Habilitation: A “Without Walls” group program that encourages individuals to engage with their local community, enhancing social skills through various activities and peer interactions. With over half of the program time spent in community settings, LIFE Day Habilitation champions real-world learning and integration.
  • Site-Based Group Day Habilitation: Tailored for individuals with profound developmental or multiple disabilities, this program focuses on providing sensory support, functional skills teaching, meaningful recreational activities, and physical development through music, games, and exercise. It caters to those who may require professional nursing services or behavioral interventions.

Connect With Us for More Information

Interested in learning more about our Day Habilitation services and how they can benefit you or your loved one? Please reach out to your Care Manager, email us at info@oswegoind.org, or call us during normal business hours at 315-598-3108. At Oswego Industries, we’re dedicated to supporting individuals in leading fulfilling, independent, and integrated lives within their communities.