LIFE Day Habilitation

Individuals who participate in the LIFE program are empowered to become active members of their local community by working on essential social skills both in-house and through community outings.

LIFE encourages interaction between the people we support and the community, while also introducing the public to them in a positive way. OI removes the “walls” from day hab with meaningful activities designed to improve daily living skills, spark social engagement and build confidence.

Group Day Habilitation

Individuals with profound developmental, intellectual or multiple disabilities enjoy a similar experience with our Group Program.

On-site activities are intended to stimulate the senses, teach functional skills, provide meaningful recreation and develop physical abilities via music, games, and exercise.

OI’s enhanced day hab offering is a highly specialized program focused on medical, social, and adaptive needs. Exclusive to the area, the Snoezelen Room offers an active, but gentle, sensory environment for the program.

Virtual Services

For individuals and families who are not yet comfortable meeting in person, we offer virtual services to help maintain and improve social skills and work on other goals, like money management. Check out the video below and email us to learn more.