At Oswego Industries, we stand firm in the belief that every individual possesses the potential for independence and fulfillment, transcending any physical or mental barriers. Our commitment is to recognize and nurture the abilities within each person through our comprehensive programs and services.

Our Approach to Empowerment

We offer tailored support that spans across various aspects of life and work, focusing on meaningful social experiences and essential care, alongside vocational coaching and employment opportunities. Here’s a glimpse into our core programs:

  • Community Habilitation: Designed to enhance daily living skills and social interaction within the community, our Community Habilitation services are pivotal in fostering independence and self-confidence.
  • Day Habilitation: Through our LIFE and Group Day Habilitation programs, individuals learn to engage actively and safely in community life, setting and achieving personalized goals that enrich their daily experiences.
  • Employment Supports: We believe in the power of passion and personal interests in driving professional growth. Our Employment Supports program is centered around identifying and leveraging each individual’s unique strengths and interests towards meaningful employment opportunities.

Hear From Our Community

Our testimonials showcase the profound impact of our programs on the lives of those we support. Hear firsthand how Oswego Industries has been a catalyst for change and growth, directly from the individuals and families whose lives have been transformed through our services.