Empowering Every Individual Toward Independence and Fulfillment

At Oswego Industries, we stand by the belief that with the right support, everyone has the potential to succeed, achieve independence, and find self-fulfillment. Our Employment Services are tailored to unlock the professional potential of individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, guiding them through every step of their career journey.

Our Employment Services

Oswego Industries: Employment Services

Oswego Industries is committed to empowering individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities through a comprehensive suite of Employment Services. Our approach is designed to support each person’s unique journey towards meaningful employment and independence.

Assessment Services

Our Assessment Services are the first step in unlocking the potential of individuals, guiding them toward fulfilling career paths that align with their interests and abilities.

  • Community-Based Workplace Assessment (CBWA): A practical evaluation conducted in real-world work environments to identify suitable career paths and workplace accommodations.
  • Career Exploration Assessment: An in-depth exploration process to help individuals discover their vocational interests and strengths.
  • Post-Secondary Counseling for Students: Tailored advice for students with disabilities, focusing on transition programs and opportunities for further education that support career objectives.

Job Preparation Services

We prepare individuals for the workforce by developing essential skills, ensuring they are ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of employment.

  • Work Readiness & Soft Skills Training: Focused programs to cultivate workplace-relevant soft skills, including communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, essential for success in any job role.
  • Benefits Advisement: Expert guidance on navigating employment benefits, helping individuals understand and access the support systems available to them.

Job Placement Services

Our Job Placement Services aim to bridge the gap between skill development and employment, assisting individuals in finding, securing, and maintaining meaningful work.

  • Direct Placement Intake: A personalized intake process that matches individuals with potential employment opportunities.
  • Job Seeking & Development: Active assistance in job searching, including resume preparation, application submission, and interview skills training.
  • Job Placement: Dedicated support to help individuals secure employment, tailored to match their skills, interests, and career goals.

Supported Employment Intensive Services

For those requiring long-term support, our intensive services focus on job development, placement, and retention, ensuring sustained employment success.

  • Supported Employment Intake: An initial step to comprehensively understand the individual’s needs and career aspirations.
  • Pre-Employment Assessment/Job Development: Detailed assessments and job development strategies designed to prepare individuals for successful employment.
  • Job Retention: Ongoing support aimed at ensuring long-term success in the workplace, addressing any challenges that arise.

Supported Employment Extended Services

Specialized services for young adults aged 18-25, focusing on extended support to facilitate a smooth transition from education to employment.

  • Extended Supported Employment for Youth: Tailored services providing additional support for young adults, laying the groundwork for a successful start to their careers.

Connect With Us

For detailed information about our Employment Services or to start your journey toward independence and career success, contact us at (315) 598-3108 or email info@oswegoind.org.

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