Oswego Industries trains and employs skilled and dedicated individuals who work with a wide variety of fabrics in our Textiles Production Center as part of our cut-and-sew operation.

Flawless craftsmanship and fine attention to detail have earned Oswego Industries Inc. partnerships in the medical and government marketplaces, where durable apparel is used in many applications.

Oswego Industries not only proudly manufactures high-quality textiles, and we can also help design, prototype, and produce a variety of fabric-based products for businesses of all sizes.

We can customize any textiles application to meet virtually any customer’s specifications. Our workforce utilizes industry-standard equipment to ensure top-notch products at a competitive price.

We pride ourselves on both meeting our customer delivery requirements and establishing a positive relationship for facing challenges and achieving long-term solutions.

Oswego Industries focuses on continuous improvement through constant innovation, effective use of technology, and a commitment to utilizing cost-effective methods to improve our partners’ profitability.