Custodial & Landscaping

The Oswego Industries approach to cleaning and maintaining a customer’s facility involves more than just a “spray-and-wipe” solution.

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Contract Sewing

We train and employ skilled, dedicated individuals who work with a wide variety of fabric in our sophisticated cut and sew operation.

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Assembly & Packaging

Oswego Industries assembly and packaging solutions offer a competitive production and marketing advantage covering both quality and cost.

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Warehousing & Fulfillment

Our partners can improve distribution center efficiency, labor productivity, and customer service while decreasing costs and inventory levels at the same time.

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Document Management

Scan and store sensitive documents with confidence when you use Oswego Industries.

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A partnership with Oswego Industries comes with several benefits for businesses.

Focus on Core Business

Organizations can dedicate more time to improving their internal operations by focusing on areas that are within their expertise.

Reduce Operating Costs

Many companies turn to contract manufacturing only to reduce labor costs, but it can also save money on real estate, insurance, training, recruiting and utilities.

Protect Your Product

If all of your work is done in one plant, an emergency could devastate your business. By spreading work to multiple locations, customer deliveries can still be maintained by balancing production volumes off-site.

Accommodate Peak Loads

Oswego Industries can act as a production standby that can supplement your existing workforce if there is a surge in customer demand. This eliminates the need for temp workers or overtime.

Avoid Shipping Delays

We incorporate our own shipping department. Products can ship direct to the end user or designated distribution center. Incoming shipments can be picked up at nearby ports or terminals and transported by our team.