Oswego Industries as we know it today began in 1968, when the workshop of The Arc of Oswego County became its own independent agency. OI has maintained a close, cooperative partnership with its sister agency at The Arc to continue providing high quality services for individuals with disabilities.

Throughout the 1980s, Oswego Industries/The Arc of Oswego County operated an infant program known as Infant & Preschool Developmental Services or IPDS. In 1993, this program became an approved provider of Early Intervention Services (EI) under the auspices of the Health Department.

In 1994, OI/The Arc developed a Senior Day Habilitation Program for elderly individuals who wished to retire from the agency’s vocational programs. Currently, this is housed in the Hughes Building at 314 Park Street. Individuals who participate in this program enjoy gardening and a variety of other activities.

The 1990s also saw the growth of social and recreational programs, such as the Respite program which is now administered through The Arc. Respite aides support individuals as they engage with the community through activities such as bowling, fishing and more, based on the individual interests of those we serve.

Throughout the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s, Oswego Industries experienced tremendous growth and diversification of its services. The agency assists individuals with pre-vocational and vocational supports, including job readiness training and career exploration, through our Career Employment Services division.

In 2019, the agency began manufacturing BioThane® and web belts for retail sale. View a current list of retailers selling our belts or buy online.

Oswego Industries strives to give adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities a purpose through employment, with external opportunities through Career Services and internal opportunities as well. Our Business Services division provides high-quality work and efficient production for area businesses at a competitive cost. Services currently available for contract work include custodial & landscaping, textiles, assembly & packaging, warehousing & fulfillment, document scanning and quality assurance.