Oswego Industries was established in December 1968 as an independent agency with its own board of directors, originating from the workshop of the Arc of Oswego County.

In 1974, a pivotal transformation occurred when Miller Brewing Company acquired 415 acres in nearby Volney, constructing a brewery that provided year-round employment opportunities for pallet repair, box stitching, and lawn maintenance within the workshop.

The partnership between the Arc of Oswego County and Oswego Industries flourished during the 1980s, resulting in cooperative alliances for property development, service division, and shared staff resources. This collaboration aimed to consistently deliver high-quality, broad-based services to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD).

The 1990s marked a period of growth, introducing social and recreational programs like the Respite program, currently administered through the Arc of Oswego County, Respite aides support individuals in community engagement activities such as bowling and fishing, tailored to their unique interests.

In 1990, Oswego Industries took on the operation of the county’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Volney, handling the processing and recycling of materials. Concurrently, the agency expanded its services with the development of the Infant & Preschool Developmental Services (IPDS) in 1993, subsequently approved as an Early Intervention Services (EI) provider.

Oswego Industries Inc. diversified further in contract work, initiating the Textiles Department in 1982 with a government contract for disposable hospital gowns. This department expanded to include government and commercial work, manufacturing a range of items from healthcare products to decorative pet collars. Notably, the largest yearly sewing contract since 1995 has been the production of scrubs for various entities.

The agency also ventured into contract cleaning and custodial services, initially serving its facilities and gradually expanding to include various offices and business sites throughout Oswego County. In 2001, when a Syracuse agency closed, Oswego Industries assumed several cleaning contracts under NYSID in Onondaga County, ensuring continued employment for affected individuals.

With an eye on career development, Oswego Industries established the Career Employment Services division to assist individuals with job readiness training and career exploration. The Business Services division provides a range of contract work, including custodial and janitorial services, textiles, assembly & packaging, warehousing & fulfillment, document scanning, and quality assurance.

Oswego Industries remains committed to extensive training and the provision of assistive devices to enhance the potential and productivity of individuals. This commitment extends to partnerships with Novelis and the TSA.

Oswego Industries has evolved over the years, expanding its services, fostering partnerships, and providing meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.