Oswego Industries believes in empowering families with family members who have disabilities. In keeping with that goal, we are here to help with everything from obtaining OPWDD eligibility for the first time to providing Respite and much more.

OPWDD Eligibility

Take advantage of our many years of experience with OPWDD. Our staff can assist you by setting up necessary evaluations, gathering documentation, completing the application itself, and submitting it to NYS.

Family Reimbursement

This program helps you cover the cost of needed goods and services, including sensory items, adaptive equipment, and other eligible supports that aren’t covered by other funding sources.

Respite Care

Choose experiences for your child that suit his or her interests, like YMCA memberships or horseback riding lessons, and enjoy a much-needed break from caregiving. Our reimbursement model gives your family flexibility to explore activities your child will enjoy.

Educational Advocacy

Navigate the Special Education system with our advocates. We will help you protect your child’s rights through every step of the process.

Guardianship and Planning Assistance

As children with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities become adults, parents and children must determine how to plan for the future. Guardianship is a legal relationship that allows the parent to continue providing care for their child throughout their life.