Abilities define us. Your donation helps people with disabilities find and develop their unique abilities to reach their full potential.

An adult man with disabilities smiling as he folds fabric.

A donation of $500 could provide a 3-day, one-on-one vocational assessment that serves as a strong basis for later skill-building.

By donating $50, you could provide a trip to an attraction like the Wild Animal Park in Chittenango for 2 people with disabilities, which allows people we support to discover what they’re passionate about.

An adult man with disabilities sitting in the front seat of a car, feeding a camel out of a red plastic cup.
An adult man with disabilities sitting at a table in a park, holding a half-eaten donut from Dunkin' Donuts.

A $10 donation could allow an individual to order their own coffee and donut, providing practice in vital social skills. Donate your next Dunkin’ trip this Giving Tuesday!