Abilities define us. Your donation helps people with disabilities find and develop their unique abilities to reach their full potential. Pledge to support us on Giving Tuesday, which is happening November 30.

An adult man with disabilities wearing a pink button-down shirt working on sewing an isolation gown on a Jung sewing machine.

A donation of $500 could provide a 3-day, one-on-one vocational assessment that serves as a strong basis for later skill-building.

By donating $50, you could provide a trip to an attraction like Old McDonald’s Farm in Sacket’s Harbor for 2 people with disabilities, which allows people we support to safely explore their interests.

Two adult women with disabilities standing on a bridge with a sign hung from the front. The sign says, "Old McDonald's Farm, Sackets Harbor, NY." One of the two women is waving to someone off-camera to her left.
An older woman with disabilities holds up a Dunkin' iced coffee. Her face mask is pulled down below her chin and she appears to be ready to take a sip. She is sitting in a public park in a covered pavilion.

A $10 donation could allow an individual to order their own coffee and donut, providing practice in vital social skills. Donate your next Dunkin’ trip this Giving Tuesday!