Therapy Services

Oswego Industries, Inc. offers a wide range of therapy services to meet the unique needs of the population served. The Therapy Department is made up of Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapists. The therapists provide evaluation and treatment. Treatment may vary depending on the results of the evaluation process.

Therapy services include:
• Gross Motor
• Fine Motor
• Sensory Motor
• Cognitive Functioning
• Choice Making
• Eating and Swallowing
• Seating and Positioning
• Activities of Daily Living
• Upper and Lower Extremity Orthotics
• Communication and Communication Devices
• Auditory Training
• Home Evaluation
• Parent/Care Giver Training

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Sarah Barden

Therapy is part of the overall team approach at Oswego Industries, Inc. Our goal is to address individual needs by stimulating and encouraging potential in every person served. The therapy is designed to prepare people to participate fully in activities or tasks such as work, leisure time, socialization and personal care.

A unique fact of the therapy services offered at oswego Industires is the Snoezelen experience. Snoezelen is a concept developed in the Netherlands. The word comes from the contraction of the Dutch words for "sniffing" and "dozing". This concept has been developed and established as a sound therapeutic and educational approach for a variety of populations. Snoezelen is a multi-sensory environment designed to stimulate and captivate individuals. It provides the benefits of a non-direct and undemanding atmosphere conducive to enabling non-verbal communication, building trust between the individual and the care-giver, and provides sensory stimulation to those who have great difficulty processing the stimuli around them.

The Snoezelen Room located within Oswego Industries, Inc. is full of various types of equipment used to stimulate a number of senses such as sight, sound, smell, touch and hearing. The environment evokes a soothing feeling for all who enter, and allows individuals to relate and process the environment in terms each is able to understand.

In conjunction with the Oswego Industries Therapy Staff, this room is used to assist individuals to achieve the highest level of personal awareness and ability to perform activities of choice.

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