L.I.F.E. Day Habilitation Services

L.I.F.E.- Lasting Integration For Everyone
The L.I.F.E. Day Habilitation Program began in 1994. The purpose and focus of this program continue's to utilize the community to teach and improve skills, allowing for personal choice, and providing meaningful activities.

L.I.F.E. participants are afforded the opportunity to contribute to their local community by volunteering at a variety of community service organizations and participating in community-based projects. Many other activities are offered to further develop consumers' interests and continue to individualize the participants' day. Consumers are introduced to their local community, and assisted to develop meaningful relationships with community members.

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L.I.F.E. activities include:
Membership at the local YMCA - pool, gym, Nautilus
Visits to local parks and zoo
Visits to local festivals and fairs
Patronizing local restaurants and stores
Participating in sports and athletic activities - bowling, T-ball league, walking & exercise groups, golf, fishing  
Seasonal activities - gardening, pumpkin picking, hay rides, horse drawn sleigh rides, snow shoeing, picnics, camping

Exploration of the Arts - Dance lessons, music instruction, singing and musical production

Community based projects:


Hand making ornaments for the Historical Society's Parade of Trees


Creating and entering a float in the City of Fulton Memorial Day Parade

Cleaning up local parks

Volunteer experiences include:


Salvation Army Food Kitchen

Salvation Army Store

Meals on Wheels

Senior Nutrition Center

Head Start, and various childcare centers throughout Oswego County
Daily Skill building includes:
Appropriate social skills: learning to greet and interact with community members appropriately
Money management skills: budgeting money, and completing the purchasing process
Travel skills: learning the local community, utilizing public transportation, and street and parking lot safety
Daily living skills: learning to complete the personal hygiene tasks necessary for an appropriate appearance, etc.

The L.l.F.E Day Habilitation Program of Oswego Industries, Inc. is a community based day habilitation program. Our philosophy promotes Independence, Individualization, Inclusion and Productivity. We encourage and value personal choice. We strive to assist the participants to develop interests and achieve goals.


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