Enhanced Day Habilitation Services 

The Enhanced Day Habilitation progam provides adults with developmental disabilities with a variety of activities that stimulate senses, teach functional skills, provide meaningful recreation, and further develop physical abilities. This is accomplished through small staff to participant ratios, Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapies provided on site, as well as a variety of adaptive devices and equipment used to decrease participants' physical limitations. The Enhanced Day Habilitation program utilizes the local community to assist in introducing the participant to new experiences and opportunities, and as a means of introducing the public to persons with disabilities.

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Crystal Hanehan


Building receptive and expressive communication skills
Enhancing gross motor skills
Developing fine motor skills
Providing sensory integration experiences
Working on personal care tasks
Building social skills
Promoting self and environmental awareness
Assisting with self management


Dining at Local Restaurants
Membership at the local YMCA (includes use of pool, gymnasium, and exercise equipment)
Grocery Shopping
Shopping at Malls and Local Stores
Seasonal Activities: Apple Farms, Pumpkin Farms, Christmas Shopping, Hiking, Picnics, Fairs and Festivals

The Enhanced Day Habilitation Program at Oswego Industries, Inc. is a site based day habilitation program. Our philosophy promotes Independence, Individualization, Inclusion and Productivity. We respect personal choice and promote individual growth and accomplishments.

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