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Career Employment Services helps people with disabilities who are having problems finding and keeping a job. C.E.S. provides an effective, long-term solution for workers with disabilities. The program begins by matching a worker to a job, and continues to support the worker while he or she is on the job.

Career Employment Services arranges an appropriate short-term work experience in the community to determine the person's vocational skills and training needs related to employment. The worker is able to try jobs in which he or she might be interested.

CES Job Developers assist individuals to assess their vocational skills and desires, and they work with area employers to identify community-based employment opportunities. CES compares each employer's job requirements to the skill levels of eligible individuals to ensure appropriate job matches.

After a job match is made, a Job Coach provides personal instruction to the new worker until he or she meets the employer's expectations. The Job Coach gradually reduces this support as the worker becomes more independent at the job.


Once job coaching is complete, a Job Retention Specialist helps the worker stay at the job. Support is given to both the employee and the employer to be sure that both are satisfied with all aspects of employment.

Toward the end of their education, employed students, their families and employers are introduced to adult services related to employment. The students receive job development and coaching services on the job as part of the school program. Ideally, these jobs will become permanent upon graduation. The Job Retention Specialist provides support and guidance for the students, employers and families both during and after the school-to-work transition.


Through our common commitment to excellence, Career Employment Services strives to empower people with disabilities to reach their full potential in the most integrated work and living settings possible. We work to provide high-quality service and support to promote growth independence and positive self-esteem for those with disabilities.

If you would like- more information on how Career Employment Services can help disabled persons find rewarding work in the community please call:

20 Canal View Mall
Fulton, NY 13069
(315) 598-3112
FAX 315 593-7237

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