Assistive Technology/ Engineering Services  

The Assistive Technology/ Engineering Services department was developed to provide greater independence for consumers and to improve their overall quality of life through the use of assistive devices. An assistive device is a device that has been custom built or purchased. It will help an individual do something they normally could not do. At Oswego Industries we provide Assistive Technology/Engineering in such areas as: Job Accommodation Services, Mobility/Sensory/Augmentative Communication Services, and Outside Consultations Services.

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Job Accommodation Services: Oswego Industries Inc. is able to design/build or purchase devices that will enable a person with a disability to perform a desired job task. It can include the design and
fabrication of custom components, jigs, fixtures, and workstations. These devices can be highly
specialized to accommodate a particular person with a severe disability or they can integrate a whole
production line that will accommodate many people of varying disabilities.

Mobility/Sensory/Augmentative Communication- By Partnering with Physical, Occupational,
and Speech therapists we are able to design/build or purchase a wide range of devices that will
improve a consumers ability to interact with the environment and or with others. Mobility includes
positioning, wheelchairs, and standing/walking devices. Sensory includes tactile, vestibular, and
deep pressure devices. Communication includes auditory, visual, and verbal devices. Mobility
devices assist someone to stand who has never stood before, Sensory processing devices help
someone to reach out in the environment who has never reached out; and Communication
technology may help someone to converse who has never conversed before. For the majority of
individuals, the devices and technologies maximize the consumers existing abilities.

Wheelchair Services: The Wheelchair Maintenance Service assists people with basic wheelchair maintenance needs. The program is intended to increase safety and reduce the occurrence of major
repair problems on all manual or power wheelchairs used at Oswego Industries.

Community Consultation Services: This service is designed to perform vocational, environmental, and
educational consultations to outside organizations such as VESID (Vocational and
Educational Services For Individuals with Disabilities) and The Vietnam Administration. The program provides worksite, workstation, computer, home, and classroom assessment to people with multiple disabilities or to those who have been displaced from their jobs due to chronic injury. Individual modifications are available.

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